The Team

Based in Neuchatel, Switzerland, Hodling SA is run by a small team of highly motivated professionals with considerable experience in the Bitcoin ecosystem.


Photo ofDarko Gasic


Darko Gasic

Darko specialises in digital currencies and finance, and holds Master’s degrees in both areas. Ever since his passion for decentralised economy catapulted him into the Bitcoin ecosystem, he has been committed to developing and distributing the tools necessary to promote economic sovereignty. He provides Bitcoin consulting services to international customers, using reliable, battle-tested tools and methodologies of cryptography, economics and distributed systems.

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Alexandre Poltorak

With over 20 years of expertise in Free Software and Open Hardware, tech entrepreneur Alexander Poltorak has been involved with the Bitcoin ecosystem since its early days. He has been working as a Bitcoin consultant since 2016. He is an advocate of Libre Software, cryptography and all technologies empowering sovereign individuals and helping preserve the core values of anonymity, privacy, censorship resistance, decentralisation and security.

We also collaborate with expert consultants, well-versed in Swiss law and cryptocurrencies, who contribute their valuable insights and suggestions to our project, as well as a network of trusted partners who can act as cosigners of multisignature wallets.


Photo ofAlexis Roussel


Alexis Roussel

Co-founder of Bity SA, COO of NYM. MS in Law, cryptocurrency expert at ARIF. RegTech hacker, pirate & tech entrepreneur.

Photo ofVincent Mignon

Attorney, Dr. Iur, Me 

Vincent Mignon

Founder of LEAX law firm, specialized in Commercial and tax law. Advises companies and individuals on a wide range of business law issues. Me. Vincent Mignon represents clients in court and has proven expertise in the field of cryptocurrencies.